Helping clients transform their lives.

Healing. Learning. Growing.

At M.A.Jean-Charles Psychotherapy and Consulting, LLC,  healing, learning, and growing is our mantra and shapes our therapeutic philosophy. We believe that in order to heal psychically and to grow into the best version of ourselves, one must engage in learning. At times, life creates too much noise; one can lose sight and footing on their place in this world. Learning provides a pathway to engage in healing from that which binds the spirit. As a result of this, one is capable of tremendous emotional growth and, ultimately, living a fulfilling life. 

Individual Therapy

Our goal in individual therapy is to use evidence-based treatment approaches to empower women to make the changes needed to live their best lives. Through the therapeutic relationship, our clients engage in learning ways on how to open pathways that promote healing and growth to live a fulfilling life.

Couple’s Therapy

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We provide marriage and relationship counseling to help couples identify challenges, goals, and issues in their relationships. We have experience in assisting couples to uncover underlying problems that have negatively impacted married and non-married partnerships through consultation, mediation, and the therapeutic relationship.


We provide teletherapy on a secure, HIPAA compliant, web platform to ensure client confidentiality. All therapeutic modalities are available via telehealth after the initial face-to-face consultation.

Areas of expertise  

Depression, anxiety, racial trauma, PTSD, women empowerment, sexual assault, domestic violence, academic stress, adjustment disorder.

Therapeutic Modalities

Individual, group, and family (incl. couples therapy)


We have moved!!! We are now in Central Square at One Arnold Circle, Suite 2, Cambridge. Our office is T-accessible as well as available street parking.


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